Fast Pony

When Ford introduced the Mustang, it was aimed at secretaries wanting a sporty-looking car, but not necessarily a fast car. The reintroduced Mach One clearly is not Grandma’s Mustang.
Words by Bill Lindsey | July 31, 2020 | Lifestyle

In 1968, four years after launching the Mustang, Ford created the Mach One performance model, yielding a world-wide fan base. It combined the classic looks of the Mustang with astounding performance thanks to fire-breathing V8s stuffed under the hood. The car went on to win numerous road races, proving it was more than just a pretty face. The latest Ford Mach One still has the looks, but is even more potent, with a 480-hp engine linked to a 10-speed (yes, TEN!) SelectShift automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual for the traditionalist. Those planning to use the car on DE days at Homestead need to check off the Handling Package option box that combines a Tremac 6-speed manual transmission, Gurney Flap spoiler and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires at every corner with room in the trunk for your golf clubs. This latest Mach One just might make Camaros an endangered species;