Eco Pretty

Think the makeup in your drawer doesn’t come with an inconvenient truth or two? Use our moral makeup guide to see if your cosmetics kit passes the test.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | Lifestyle

Sustainable Show-Stopper
Beauty Blend
Being 100% natural and 100% nontoxic 100% of the time, skincare & cosmetics manufacturer Tata Harper stays relevant in an increasingly enviro-conscious age. Integrating the latest technological advances in botany, biology and chemistry with a passionate devotion for the environment and the bodies it produces, Tata Harper’s products contain no generic fillers. Herb and flower additives are often grown chemical-free on the line’s own 1,200-acre farm;

Let us guess. You read the word organic on the label and now you think your mass-produced mascara is lovingly crafted in a beautiful California meadow, attended to by only the most holistic of henna-tinted cosmetic professionals? Think again, chica. Unless a product has a certified 3rd party rating from sources such as a legit USDA certification, there could be as few as a single natural or organic ingredient needed for a product to be dubbed “organic” by marketing pros;

Cruel’s Out, Forever
In this advanced and enlightened era, the idea that innocent animals should be harmed just so we can craft the ideal under-eye shade is egregious. Independent organizations like PETA carry an exhaustive index of makeup companies that either don’t test on animals or are working toward establishing regulatory changes. Interested in an entirely creature-less cosmetic kit? PETA has worked tirelessly to amass a comprehensive list of certified vegan makeup brands and products online;

Chemical Warfare
Need another reason to stay on the organic side of the fence besides high-minded idealism? How about your health. Common synthetic chemicals found in most factory-formulated makeups such as formaldehyde, petroleum distillates and talc are proven carcinogens, and the antibacterial elements of many skincare products can end up impeding your immune system’s ability to combat common bacteria, as well as reducing the friendly flora our body relies on;