Cuisine Couture

Eager to eat out but bored with lackluster local eateries? Head to Gianni’s At The Villa to enjoy a feast for all the senses.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 12, 2018 | Lifestyle

Elegant to the eye while pleasing to the tongue, the ideal eating establishment should always balance both sight and taste to truly satisfy. One of the greatest tourist attractions Miami Beach offers and a veritable work of art in its own right, The Villa Casa Casuarina, formerly the Versace Mansion, and its resident restaurant Gianni’s At The Villa, offers diners a glimpse into the livelihood of perhaps Italy’s greatest designer. Whether enjoying tasteful libations in Versace’s personal dining room or ensconced in his breathtaking courtyard, guests will enjoy a carefully orchestrated and visually stimulating Italian and Mediterranean menu by classically-trained Chef Thomas Stewart within a structure that practically defines the word opulence; 786.485.2200;