Better  Communication

Be Strong International’s Heart Skills are needed regardless of ethnicity, financial background or culture. Their goal is to develop new patterns of thinking and behaving to strengthen relationships in all areas of life, including the workplace.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 28, 2023 | Lifestyle

Heart Skills are the essence of what Be Strong International is all about. The effects of growing up in a broken home impacted Be Strong CEO & Chief Heart Officer Michelle Shirley’s life into early adulthood. “My parents’ divorce and exposure to domestic violence at an early age shaped my fear of being loved during my adolescent years,” she says. “I would bring this cycle of negative patterns into my relationships. After she began working at Be Strong International, she took interest in the concepts behind healthy relationship education. “The realization of its impact on my own wellbeing led me to change the way I communicated and connected with those closest to me,” she says. “My drive to master the skills learned gave birth to the concept behind Heart Skills. Today, as the CEO of Be Strong International, I’m dedicated to sharing this mindset with others to support the transformation for individuals from brokenness to wholeness.” The organization’s goal is to share this holistic approach with broken families, youth and businesses and serve as a catalyst to helping them deal with relationships through every stage of their lives. Be Strong was recently chosen as one of the best places to work by South Florida Business Journal, demonstrating the success of Heart Skills in action;