Best Friends

Acclaimed pet photographer Paola Paladini is on a mission to honor our bond with our pets, one face-lick, one slobbery smile and furry high-five at a time.
Words by Anja Maltav | Photos courtesy of Paola Paladini | April 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

In 2005, after losing her dog Simon, Paola Paladini was inspired to make a difference in the lives of other pets by volunteering at her local shelter. “As I bathed and took care of the animals, I would take their pictures, hoping it would lead to a loving home sooner, rather than later,” she says. “These dogs touched my heart, filling the emptiness left behind by my loss.” Shortly after, she started taking courses in photography. “Today, my passion is creating artwork that showcases pets and their owners,” she says. “I capture the feelings I see in their eyes, and I pour my heart and soul into these photo sessions, and the animals feel my energy. This allows me to capture the emotions the pet displays, and intangible feelings become tangible in my photographs!” Currently, Paladini is working on a photography project she began back in 2013 entitled “Me & My Human Mom Portraits.” To date, more than 200 women have been photographed with their pets. The series is shot each year during the months of March, April and May in celebration of Mother’s Day.  A portion of the sales of all sessions is donated to local animal non-profits;