A month-long initiative inundating our locals with luxurious lyrics of the highest caliber, the O, Miami Poetry Festival is frankly the most important community carouse of the year.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

Ask most folks to picture our Magic City, and images of scantily clad celebrities, beautiful beachside views and pulse-pounding pool parties immediately come to mind. And for good reason. Our city’s status as a much sought-after destination is a hard-won designation that’s allowed us to rise from winter roost for snowbirds to mainstay metropolis and global actor. Intent that our city’s culture should shine just as brightly as its glittering skyscrapers comes the O, Miami Poetry Festival, a month-long community-propelled movement deadset that every resident and vistor in Miami encounter a poem in the month of April. From impressing verse on our beaches with their “Poetry Roller” (patent pending) to posting powerful poetics on the sides of our public transit vehicles, O, Miami reminds even jaded locals what a magical, mysterious place we inhabit. “Miami is an ideal space to have a poetry festival,” says P. Scott Cunningham, Founder & Director of the fest. “There’s an incredible spirit of cultural innovation here. This city is very open to new ideas, new methods and new combinations, and that’s the environment that O, Miami thrives in.”;