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Adding square footage, a gourmand kitchen or pool will add considerably to your home’s overall value. The following simpler projects will also improve the quality of your life while adding thousands to the bottom line with a lot less time, mess and cost to worry about.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 14, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

Haute Office
Convert that underutilized den, dining room, spare bedroom or your existing haphazard home office into a professional-quality space with a fresh coat of paint, detail lighting and built-ins that turn 4 walls and a closet into an efficient workspace. Best of all, the room doesn’t have to be large to be effective. In addition to adding long-term value to the property, a home office has many potential tax benefits as well.

Landscape Update
Whether you’re adding curb appeal to a lot or creating a backyard oasis, a landscaping update pays back . This can be as simple as putting in fresh plants to replace tired flowers, bushes and trees or resurfacing dated hardscaping with modern counterparts. While you’re at it, give a hard look at the layout. This is also the time to increase entertainment spaces or add some water features.

Master Suite
A recent study showed that buyers are more likely to purchase a house with a recent renovation, with a key being the master suite. After all, this is the room we see first every morning and last every night. It truely is where the magic happens. This can be a simple paint and soft goods update or help you go for for it and knock out a wall to create a sitting room where you can take refuge from the outside world.

Window Treat
Like your front yard, windows can make a great first impression. Plus, each year window offerings improve on insulation, hurricane protection and anti-theft technologies. Additionally, window upgrades should be seen from the perspective of a home’s interior so you can revamp the views from the inside out…or in the case of nosy, annoying neighbors, reduce any unwelcomed exposure.