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Artistic Desire

Hanan’s art has evolved from an aesthetic pursuit of movement and aesthetic into work that advocates, serves and is part spiritual ministry, part political activism and completely about very personal storytelling.
Text by Natasha Albornoz | June 14, 2018 | Culture & Art

Focusing on the connection between experience, written text and movement, Hanan’s work is personal, seeking ways to add narrative to experience that’s abstract, non-linear and rooted in real life. Her work is about a spectrum of feminine identity and empowerment that has manifestations in the spiritual, social and physical body. She would like her work to touch the community by subverting and recoding images of power and beauty, and her performances and choreography make people think about what it means to be human. “Miami is a global, cosmopolitan city with very specific local cultural traditions,” she says. “Through my teaching and performing, I hope to contribute to what makes this city more tolerant, interesting, avant-garde, loving and life-affirming.”; Facebook @ Hanan Miami Bellydancers.