It’s a relatively rare accessory that still has the power to make or break your most coordinated costumery: The overcoat. We think we have the ideal iteration of outerwear to trendily terminate your winter woes.
Text by Mariela Ortega | January 11, 2018 | Fashion

While precious previous seasons have seen the bomber jacket bombastically rule the outerwear category of Winter seasons, we’re here to tell you first: The ultimate addition to everyone’s “I NEED THAT!” list this quarter simply must be a Windbreaker. Taking over major portions of the A/W Fashion Week and here to stay, brace yourselves for the ultimate addition to any sophisticated wardrobe. Inspired by the Army trenchcoats of World War II, the windbreaker is meant to protect us from the crazy Florida weather and boost our style so we don’t muss a perfect look underneath a lifeless poncho. From a wide array of fabrics to choices galore for silhouettes, the variations on this amazing coat are limitless. Once you find the ideal one that suits your style, you’ll be praying for more windy days.