War Watch

Special Operations guys parachute behind enemy lines and swim from submarines to conduct missions few will ever know about. Their choice of timepiece could well be the difference between life or death.
Text by Bill Lindsey | December 27, 2018 | Luxury

When your job is saving the world, you need to be on time. Matt Graham spent 12 years roaming the globe on top-secret CIA missions, during which he developed a concept for the ultimate watch. Graham worked with the Rolex-founded Watch Technology Institute of Seattle to create the Ares Diver-1. As you’d expect from a timepiece named for the God of War, the Diver-1 considers being run over by a fleet of Hummers, in a monsoon, while being pelted with boulders, just another day at the office. The waterproof casing houses a quartz movement that will run for 10 years on one battery, keeping the super-luminous hour, minute and second hands sweeping around the dial whether you are diving in Arctic waters or making sure you get back to your parking spot before the meter maid slaps a ticket on your windshield. The design is pure Dive Watch 101: nylon strap, uni-directional rotating bezel and a sapphire crystal.