Varied Mediums

For Nathalie Moulinet, painting and sculpture are harmonious endeavors. Whether forming clay or applying brushstrokes, each action converges toward a singular artistic vision. For her, shaping or painting a body is akin to narrating a tale.
Words by Zelda Grant | March 29, 2024 | People

Fueled by boundless creativity, Nathalie Moulinet has embarked on over a decade of immersive education at the ‘Ateliers des Beaux-Arts’ in both Normandy and Paris. She refined her skills in specialized master classes and under the mentorship of the distinguished French painter Jacques Deshaies, a visionary artist whose palette resonates with the hues of nature. Today, she is deeply enamored with the energy of Miami. Her artistry transcends disciplines, encompassing a diverse range of mediums and techniques: from the precise strokes of drawing and the ethereal hues of watercolor to the bold textures of acrylics, the timeless richness of oils, and the tactile allure of clay and wax modeling. Her repertoire extends to stained glass, mono-printing, and collage. Her unquenchable thirst for innovation drives her to constantly seek fresh avenues of artistic expression: Her latest passion and creations involve epoxy resin sculptures. Instead of weaving complex narratives, the artist allows her sensitivity to be the compass that guides her, amplifying the unique essence of people and objects;