Urban Spring

You may not totally understand what streetwear is, but chances are it’s already present in your wardrobe. Streetwear offers women many original images. It is full of surprises and fashion experiments, but every year there are some must-buy trends to consider.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 30, 2021 | Fashion
Beautiful lady is wearing sunglasses and holding jacket , business style


Opting for Oversized Styles is the trend for Spring 2021. There’s the ‘80s-influenced Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jacket, a look that enhances the top, cinches in the waist and elongates the legs. Pair with straight leg pants or leather shorts. Or move the “oversizing” downward with a skinny, on-the-body, fitness-ready cut up top and loose, baggy, enormous shapes below. Comfy and imaginative.

Lighter Touch

The Eco Wanderer looks back and embraces ‘70s pre-modern technology hippy vibes, combining them with modern high-performance fabrics for longer-lasting items. Natural dyes are becoming more key as we are increasingly aware of the damage the dyeing sector causes on the environment. The color palette is bright and nature-inspired, with blues, greens, lavender, sunshine yellows and earthy browns.

Woman using a mobile phone on car background, closeup image of social media, communication technology and busy lifestyle

Double Duty

You don’t have to go full ninja to pull off Techwear. Inspired by sports and advances in modern technology, this forward-thinking trend takes a hyper-modern twist in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution, exploring future fabrics and survivalist themes for highly adaptable designs and lighter weights. While black will always be trending, the latest looks are bold and playful, drawing inspiration from ‘90s and ‘00s styles.