Uplifting Message

Rebecca Zerbo isn’t just a high school freshman — she’s also the founder of Positive Pocket, an organization that works to help kids overcome the negative impact of bullying.

It’s an experience shared by many teens and pre-teens: bullying. When 6th Grader Rebecca Zerbo experienced it, she decided to fight back against the feelings of anger and embarrassment. And so Zerbo created a pocket-sized card with a self-esteem boosting message on it. “When I was feeling down, I pulled it out and read it to myself as a reminder that I’m alright,” she recalls. The card had such a powerful impact, she decided to share her strategy, creating Positive Pocket. The organization prints colorful cards with uplifting messages and distributes them free of charge to kids and adults who need a little support to get through the day. “Positive Pocket helps people by giving them hope and making them understand how special they are,” she says;