Unexpected Luxury

Not all that many years ago, there was no such thing as a “Korean Luxury Car.” The Genesis GV80 now defines the term and sets the standard.
Words by Bill Lindsey | September 28, 2020 | Luxury

As Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis had previously only produced two sedans, which despite being well-made were best described as snoozefests. The new Genesis GV80 SUV changes all that. The exterior is as sleek as an Olympic gymnast, flowing seamlessly from a Bentley-like grille to a taut rear clamshell providing unfettered access to the cargo area sized to haul groceries, luggage and a couple of pups. Because Genesis is now led by a former BMW executive, the interior is a luxurious cocoon of leather and fine woods. It features a sound system that could power a Rolling Stones concert. The list of unusual yet delightful features includes a forward-looking camera that, when it spots speed bumps, softens the suspension. Highway Driving Assist 2.0 steps in if it detects distracted or unsafe driving (i.e. tailgating) and can initiate a lane change by activating the turn signals (good news indeed for the 3 people in South Florida who use turn signals). Power options include a 4-cylinder engine and a V6, both turbocharged. Those looking for a luxury SUV need to include the GV80 on the list;