Take Flight

The ultimate accessory for the young professional may have been built before they were born:
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 28, 2020 | Luxury

The 1986 Russian Mikoyan Jet Fighter. You’ll lighten your wallet $4.65 million to fly it home, but you’ll definitely own something no one else in your circle has. The plane, which is certified and flying in the U.S., has a mere 818 hours of flight time logged since it first took flight; and 118 logged since a comprehensive airframe overhaul in the Ukraine. It was repainted and the interior was refurbished in 2012, so you can rest assured you will be flying in style. The MiG 29 was the infamous late Cold War fighter developed during the Brezhnev Re-Freeze. The engines are comprised of two Klimov RD-33 afterburning turbofans. If all that wasn’t enough to create aviation lust, the late billionaire Paul Allen had one. Rockets not included (nor recommended);