Travel Bugs

Globetrotting mother/daughter duo Olga & Cristina Mas enjoy much more than pretty vistas on their yearly sojourns, showing that world travel can yield more than what the tour books might lead you to believe.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | June 1, 2018 | People

From a Brickell hi-rise condo they often share, Olga & Cristina Mas look out at the skyline and let their imaginations float away into the breeze. Together, this mother/daughter duo have hop, skipped and jetset across the world to create a million memories from each of their varied experiences. So far, they’ve watched wild animals graze in the savannas of South Africa; they’ve ascended 13,900 feet to the Inca Trail’s Dead Woman’s Pass on a glamping excursion; they’ve explored the cavernous and mysterious town of Cappadocia in Turkey; and they’ve scaled the snow-capped Swiss Alps before skydiving in Zurich, among many other adventures. With all those death-defying experiences under their belt, it seems that this pair is ready for anything the world throws their way. And that’s half the fun.