Thrive Drive

Every morning when Alejandro Aljanati wakes up, he practices the art of living — the passion that comes from appreciating every single aspect of an amazing life. That zest for living is reflected in the Aston Martin Residences.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 25, 2022 | People

For Alejandro Aljanati, the Chief Marketing Officer for G&G Developments, Aston Martin Residences is an ongoing satisfaction. “The spirit of this magnificent tower and the world behind this brand gave me the opportunity to participate in the different key moments of the building,” he says. “This includes the groundbreaking, topping-out of the tallest building south of New York, Formula One, and the launch of the first DBX — Aston Martin’s new SUV— among other milestone events.” Music is another passion. “I play the drums and piano,” he says. “Music is one of the elements of art, and art has become my life’s propeller.” Aljanati remains connected to art in every aspect of his life, and brings it to his work, such as in the Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery, both in a virtual setting and physically when the building opens. When he was a kid, his father taught him the importance of hard work. “My 8-year-old son, Tisiano, is the light of my eyes. He represents the future and I want to be close to him to offer my experiences, as my father offered me,” he says. “My relationship with G&G allows me to continue creating new stories every day, through the freedom and trust my CEO, German Coto, gives me and my team to create new opportunities, and our passion is the fuel that allows us to achieve our goals.”;