Tender Hearted

The 2023 South Florida Heart Ball raises funds to support the American Heart Association’s mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives while supporting priority issues in South Florida.

The 2023 South Florida Heart Ball welcomes Shane Strum, President & CEO of Broward Health, as Chair for this year’s community-wide campaign. The Heart Ball celebrates progress made through the dedication and passion of all who support the American Heart Association’s Heart of South Florida, a year-round effort aimed at investing in, saving and improving lives in South Florida. “Shane Strum, a dedicated healthcare executive, exemplifies true leadership and commitment in his daily role leading one of the nation’s 10 largest public health systems and is the ideal person to head our Heart Ball campaign,” says Marisol Garcia, Executive Director of the South Florida Market. “As a trusted member of this community, he understands the impact the mission and work of the American Heart Association can have on every person who lives in this area.” A Broward County native, Strum has led projects that have reduced the costs of prescription drugs, improved transparency, quality in healthcare, increased telehealth services, and raised awareness for mental health and substance abuse issues throughout the state;