T-shirts Rule

Imagine a time when t-shirts were just worn at home or on the weekends. No more. They’ve come into their own; seen at just about every occasion and the office, too. We’ve got some fashion-forward trends for 2020.
Words by Zelda Grant | February 28, 2020 | Fashion

Bold Statements

Fashion has always been a bodacious form of self-expression. And what’s more expressive than a t-shirt with a slogan? Whether you want to make a political statement with your everyday wear, promote a cause you believe in, spread positive thoughts or simply put on some motivational gym wear, there’s a slogan t-shirt for everyone.

Visiting Wonderland

A colorful rainbow on a bright tee or gentle pastel — what a happy combo! Opt for cheerful, arching rainbows that evoke joy and hope, or go with a bold vertical kaleidoscopic striped design. Or maybe you’d prefer an uplifting text-based look made of letters in a multi-hued aesthetic. Whatever you choose — have fun wearing it! 

Abstract Thinking

Do you like Picasso? Then you’ll want to add some abstract t-shirts with surprising shapes, textures and colors to your closet. Quirky and fun geometric drawings are on the rise. Want to be truly unique? Go one step further and let your inner artist create your own abstract design for a bright, exciting and one-of-a-kind look.