Super Sippin

Healthier cocktails highlighting turmeric, kombucha, fresh fruit, and even beets and greens are trending. These superfood libations are anti-oxidant rich and delicious.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | January 31, 2019 | Lifestyle

Drinking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We’ve all heard the reports that drinking certain types of alcohol in moderation can have some surprising health benefits, but that’s another topic entirely. We’re here to talk about the new trend in superfood cocktails. Turmeric leads the “super” cocktail movement. The curcumin in the spice is what gives curry its famous yellow color. It has been used in India for thousands of years for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect. In fact, it’s a popular ingredient in hangover cures. However, the curcumin content in the spice is not that high. It’s around 3% by weight, which is why savvy drinkers and bartenders often opt to add the contents of a turmeric/curcumin capsule from the vitamin store to a drink to maximize the effect. A number of new turmeric-tinged cordials and liquers have hit the scene in the last year or so to help us get even more creative with this exotic seasoning. Beets are also showing up at cutting-edge drinking establishments worldwide. Rich in folate, vitamin C, betaine, manganese, potassium iron, calcium, copper, vitamin B6 and other vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, beets are perfect for such recipes as the recently reincarnated Old-Fashioned (rye, beets and bitters) as well as Ginger Beet Martinis and Beet-Infused Vodka Cocktails with carrots, lemon and pineapple. Kombucha has been credited with everything from detoxification and improved digestion to cancer prevention and weight loss. It is equally versatile in the glass and combines well with ginger and peach for sangria, spiced plum and fig for a snappy cocktail. It also blends well with grapefruit, mint, apple cider bourbon or sparkling lemonade with or without the booze. While nothing can completely stop a hangover if you overindulge, every little bit helps the morning after!

Thinking Green

Think avocado is best for guacamole? Think again. It’s another “green” that makes an awesome cocktail ingredient, adding not only sweetness and taste but creamy texture and more. Popular Avo-cocktails include Seriokai’s Trail, which blends the unexpected combination of avocado and crème de cacao and the Dodo (avocado, champagne, shiso syrup). Cucumbers, an excellent hot weather ingredient, are particularly apt in balmy Miami. You’ll find sliced and crushed cucumber most notably in vodka, tequila and Cointreau-based recipes. Nothing is more green than kale, which is why it’s no surprise to find it as a key ingredient in over a dozen popular farm-to-table cocktail recipes. Want to take things a step further? Sear the kale leaves on the grill or griddle before you muddle them in your next custom Bloody Mary.