Style Snaps

From sublime shopping sprees at Brickell City Centre to bringing a creative vision to life on the director’s table, the stylish professionals you’re about to meet each have a style spark all their own. Herewith: Miami’s Most Stylish Professionals, presented in all their epic glory in a modern throwback vibe for the ages.

Photography: Alê Bomeny

Creative Direction: Ana Claudia Negri

Styling: Charlie Rincon 

Beauty: Cesar Ferrette for Red Market Salon 

Photography Assistant: João Tadeu Carvalho 

Fashion Contributor: Rahman Khalil

Fashion Assistants: Valeria Bellot, Gabriel Escalona, Anneliesse Indacochea Vidal, Diego Silva

Location: Miami Institute of Photography

Natasha Mayne

Luiz Moreira

Frank Cabrera

Liandra Salles

Rachel Serrano

Valentino Longo

Michael Tamzil

Lola Sanchez & Robyn