Simply Marble-ous

An essential element of elegant South Florida living, Mariela Geigel and her team of marble masters have been rocking the globe for years.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 10, 2018 | People

As a culture obsessed with innovation, it’s odd to see any facet of humanity’s artisanal history alive and well in our modern marketplace. Which is precisely what makes Designer, Artist & Entrepreneur Mariela Geigel at Geigel Marble & Design stand out so securely; where other innovators passionately pursue mere business, Geigel and her team finesse an artform centuries in the making, crafting complex, captivating works of art ideal for any commercial installation. Matching cutting-edge techniques with a timeless eye for aesthetic perfection, Geigel’s work imbues any project with the unrivaled gravitas of a stone that has fired the imaginations of monument-raisers and sculptors for millennia;