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As President of Mirto, Ricardo Fraguas Alvaro oversees all Mirto Group’s activities on the institutional, commercial and industrial levels, accompanied by his two children, Elena & Ricardo.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 10, 2018 | People

When Ricardo Fraguas Alvaro, Founder & President of Mirto, was young, he wanted to create his own company. His contacts in the textile world pushed him to bet on the fashion sector. “By noticing a product that had a lot of possibilities for developing and a great margin to evolve, I chose to create a new brand of shirts,” he says. “The shirts that existed back then were limited to only dress shirts with neutral colors which we were able to evolve with an attractive and permanent fashion product each season and each year.” As an adolescent, he envied hardworking entrepreneurs and often surrounded himself with older people who had “been there” for advice and examples. “I’ve embraced this working spirit throughout my life and career,” he says. “We work with the best companies of raw materials in the world, and as a result, 90% of our products are exclusive, made with the highest-quality and with great attention to detail.” In fact, he says, Spaniards are known to say: “ Who doesn’t have a Mirto shirt in his closet?!” The brand’s overall focus and dedication has led to several accolades including the prestigious National Gold Work Merit Medal (Medalla Al Mérito En El Trabajo) and a National Fashion Award (Premio Nacional De Moda A La Pyme). “We’ve become known around the world for our many years in business and unmistakable quality,” he says. “That has made all the difference.”

“One of my greatest passions is the creation of collections, selecting the fabrics, as well as designing and implementing all product lines — it’s a job I enjoy with great satisfaction!”

Ricardo Fraguas Alvaro has a real passion for poetry. Actually, he sometimes shares his own poetry in intimate circles. “I pick up messages from all aspects of life, very liturgical or poetic phrases and quotes,” he says. “I memorize them and sometimes send them to family and friends by phone or messages. I vehemently live life with admiration and that’s how I transmit it to the world.”