Rewarding Rows

Ergatta combines the health benefits of exercise with the mental stimulation and downright fun of progress-oriented game play that’s calibrated just for you.
Words by Zelda Grant | January 25, 2023 | Lifestyle

How would you like nine (and counting) exciting and inspiring ways to get your workout in? The Ergatta Rower offers hundreds of different race courses on which to compete against up to 8 other real players, never bots. Or perhaps the single-player interval-based Meteor challenge is more your style to get in your HIIT, coordinating endurance or recovery workout in. There’s also push programs like the 20-Minute Ladder Climb, dozens of multi-player vortex workouts, live competitions, pulse targets and a scenic row, to name just a few. Or take it to the next level by building your own custom workout. As an added bonus, it tilts up for space-saving storage that doubles as a piece of kinetic art;