Divine Desserts

The uniqueness, creativity, exceptional taste and flawless presentation of a fabulous dessert starts with a great chef. At Boulud Sud Miami, Executive Pastry Chef Saeko Nemoto will take you on a voyage of flavors without having to leave town.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 29, 2023 | People

Born in Japan, the culinary journey Saeko Nemoto has embarked on has taken her around the globe with stops in Provence, Turkey, Canada and Australia, which in turn, led to her inspired dessert menus at Boulud Sud Miami, where she builds on her foundation in traditional French patisserie while exploring new variations on classic recipes by incorporating Mediterranean flavors and regional ingredients. Her desserts are influenced by the vibrant fruits, spices and textures of this coastal part of the world, offering a mix of cultures and balanced flavors for the palate. “I owe my knowledge to all the places I have worked at,” she says. “Every single country has something to teach you.” Changing seasonally, her offerings include Pineapple Cardamom Vacherin, Cherry & Chocolate Mousse, Turkish Lokma and namesake Chef Daniel Boulud’s staple, the Grapefruit Givre w/ Sesame Foam, Turkish Cotton Candy and grapefruit Sorbet. “My journey with Daniel Boulud goes way back — his New York restaurant was the first place I worked at when I arrived in the U.S.,” she says. Chef Saeko has been a part of the Boulud Sud Miami team for 8 years. Bring your appetite and sweet tooth when you stop by to savor one of her unique creations;