Power Moves

With her highly anticipated creation Bailaora, Siudy Garrido takes her audience on an emotional journey through dance that results in a humanist and feminist commentary on self-invention and self-determination.
Words by Anika Binx | August 27, 2021 | Lifestyle

After a first post-pandemic tour at the Iberica Contemporanea Dance Festival in Mexico, Siudy Garrido returns home with absolute conviction of the importance of the arts in our lives. “To have access to inspiration, discovery and arts, united with a sense of belonging in this diverse community and in these times we are living, it is as necessary as breathing,” she says. For this reason, during the month of October, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Siudy, alongside a cast of 14 artists on stage, return with a production that embraces culture. Bailaora — the Spanish word for “flamenco dancer,” implying merit, bravery and courage — depicts the evolution of flamenco in its artistic fabric, from a New World perspective and influence; Oct. 8-10; Knight Concert Hall, Adrienne Arsht Center; Tickets available through;