Planet Wow

Nevermind where you’re from or even where you call home, the world grows more global by the minute. Find out what this planet is all about with these tantalizing tidbits about the world we live in.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 23, 2018 | Lifestyle

1.Sizeable Sinkhole: The deepest water-filled sinkhole in the world is 339 meters deep. It’s called Zacatón and it’s found in Mexico.

2.Massive Impact: The continent of Asia amounts to a total of 30% of the planet’s total land area, but represents 60% of the world’s population.

3.Awesome Architecture: Miami Beach has the largest collection of art deco architecture in the world, with more than 800 buildings created in the eye-catching style.

4.Expansive Shoreline: Praia Do Cassino in southern Brazil is the longest beach in the world, with an uninterrupted sandy stretch of 156 miles. Go ahead, you know you want to dive in!

5.Sinking Treasure: With as many as 40 floods per year between March and September, Venice is slowly sinking at an estimated rate of 2.5 inches every 10 years, confirming its imminent fate as an underwater city of the future.

6.White Sands: Hyams Beach, in New South Wales, Australia, is considered as having the whitest sand in the world. The population is a lucky 290.

7.Big Dip: The world’s largest swimming pool, the Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso Del Mar Resort in Chile, can hold 250 million liters of water. Its length stretches the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized pools.

8.Melting Marvel: Glacier National Park contains some of the most beautiful, primitive wilderness in the Rocky Mountains. The number of glaciers has decreased from 150 in 1850 to 26 in present day. If current global warming trends continue, there will be no glaciers left in Glacier National Park by 2030.

9.Fun Drift: Legos continue to wash up on beaches around Cornwall, England, almost 20 years after a container carrying nearly 5 million pieces was knocked off a ship 20 miles from the coast.