Phenomenal Pen

The 2022 “Fountain Pen of the Year” from Graf von Faber-Castell celebrates one of the greatest civilizations of Latin America that has inspired and shaped the history of humankind: the Aztecs.

An alliance of a trio of city-states in modern-day Mexico that spanned from 1428-1521, the Aztecs created impressive works of art and had their own modern political system. Turquoise was one of their most valuable treasures and is featured on the cap with an engraved God of the Dead adorned with feathers, reflecting the power and aesthetics associated with him. The barrel of this pen is decorated with a skull pattern inspired by the skull walls in the famous Templo Mayor. The metal body has an anthracite grey diamond-like carbon coating, while the grip section is made from dark, smooth obsidian. The Aztecs believed this volcanic rock could protect them against evil spirits. At just under $5,000, this limited-edition masterpiece is truly a pen for the ages;