Space Tourism

Wgaze upon the stars and our planet like never before — at a whopping 100,000 feet, viewing the curvature of the Earth and stars against the darkness of space.
Words by Zelda Grant | September 29, 2022 | Luxury

After viewing our planet from space, many astronauts report having experienced overwhelming feelings of awe, transcendence and connection with humanity as a whole. It’s called the “Overview Effect.” World View Stratospheric Spaceflights are designed to share this transformational experience — and a deeper bond to the beautiful place we call home. Each space tourism flight is centered as an unforgettable experience designed to expose Earthlings to a whole new world from above, taking passengers and trained crew into the heavens in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon. Float in space for hours over inspiring locations such as the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, the Serengeti, Aurora Borealis, Amazonia, The Great Wall of China or the Giza Pyramids. It’ll cost you the price of a luxury car — $50,000 — per person. The company is currently taking bookings for 2024;