Pass The Avocado

Turkey with stuffing. The Christmas ham. Blackeyed peas, cornbread and collard greens for good luck in the New Year. Enough holiday food. It’s time to remember that we live in the south and nothing is more tropical than delicious, nutritious avocados.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 29, 2019 | Lifestyle

No matter the variety or where it was grown, avocados are known around the world for their wonderful flavor and creamy texture that makes them work so well in a wealth of recipes. They contain the good fats that are so essential to our modern diets and are a good source of pantothenic acid, B vitamins, Vitamin K and fiber. Diets rich in healthy foods containing fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Not all avocados are created equal with some of the meatiest and most flavorful coming from Mexico. Most of us already have our favorite secret guacamole recipe, but there’s so much more to this versatile fruit: appetizers, snacks, shakes, main dishes, soups, even kids’ meals — virtually everything from breakfast to dessert. Sliced avocados are the easiest way to incorporate them into your diet — add them to salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers or as a topper to your favorite comfort food, such as Arroz con Pollo for a fresh, crisp meal that’s a counterpoint to all the heavy eating over the holidays. You can also spice up the grill with Avocado Rainbow Slaw as a side. One taste of this delight with its red cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and cilantro and you’ll never be able to go back to regular cole slaw again. You can also drink it — complement your next margarita with avocado’s creamy texture that marries a citrus flare of orange and lemon juice, agave nectar, orange liqueur and tequila. Perfect for relaxing by the pool while the rest of the country is covered in snow. Did a little too much drinking the night before? An avocado breakfast shake made with avocado, bananas, Greek yogurt, blueberries and pomegranate juice makes a perfect start to the day, even if you didn’t overindulge. Check out for recipes for every taste! 

Game Day

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium is the first in the NFL to feature healthy avocado-centric food on the menu. The Tacos Por Favor concession stand features such creamy delights as the Avo Mojo Chicken Taco, a vibrantly fresh choice melding mojo chicken, guasacaca sauce, jicama cilantro lime slaw, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, white corn tortilla and, of course, avocado. To balance the palate and the menu there’s the Avo Pork Carnitas Taco with guasacaca sauce, jicama cilantro lime slaw, pickled red onions, avocados and cotija cheese. Remove the meat, add in some vegan substitutions and you have something for everyone. Need a starter? Keep it nostalgic with guacamole & chips. Now all that’s left to do is tell your family and friends to wear their team jerseys and bring their appetites.