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Panic Button

Is your boss giving you the evil eye? Does your co-worker keep asking you to cover for her? Are you working so hard that your personal life is up in flames? Now with the press of a button, you can temporarily make these anxieties go away. The USB Stress Button from Dream Cheeky will help you blow all your problems away. It can also instantly block out private data from nosy co-workers. Try not to punch it too hard, though. You never know what might happen. To get one, visit

Mango Yum
Studies have found that the majority of the developed world thinks that mangoes originated in their homeland. Although the fruit actually originated in India, it hasn’t stopped families from passing down recipes. Besides being a great alternative to pound-packing desserts, mangoes can improve mood disorders by elevating serotonin levels. Whether you decide to chew ‘em, drink ‘em or lick ‘em, the benefits remain the same. For great mango recipes, visit

Stressed Out?
Remember the day when you would call a friend, the number was busy, and you hung up and called later? Today, you call, leave a voicemail, text, email, and heaven forbid you don’t have a response within the minute! Your body requires ample vitamins and minerals to dissipate the stresses of your day. Exercise becomes the release that helps the body recalibrate for a new day. In these economic times, why would you waste your money on food that slows you down, weakens the system and highlights your age? Choose foods that empower you to be the best you can be, that give you energy and maximize your youth at any age. Exercise needs to become the habit of choice but it doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym to do so. Your goal is to elevate your heart rate everyday for at least one hour, not one hour of cardio, but one hour of movement. This hour could be comprised of weights, cardiovascular activity and yoga or it could be comprised of walking the beach and working in the garden. Move in ways that you feel your breath become challenged and you feel your body sweat. Use movement to release all of the stress and toxins of your day and use that same movement to help you feel your very best!

Adita Lang, BS CPT-CEC offers 27 years of experience. She has been an educational leader for ACE, ISCA, NASM and AEA, teaching fitness professionals worldwide in nutrition, anatomy and mind-body disciplines. For more info, visit

Mental Madness
If you’re torn between eating what you want and what you should, take these tips to heart before making every bite or swig miserable as you whither away to your summer best.

Secrets revealed
Keeping secrets may have been all the rage in grade school, but as an adult, you need to focus on sharing any pent-up emotions with friends and family instead of allowing them to fester inside.




Balancing Act
For some people, their career is their top priority. For others, it’s family first. The most successful among us are those who can balance both their professional and personal lives and all the people in them.




Perfect Snore
Being flawless is boring, stressful and impossible. Don’t torture yourself. Do the best you can, learn from your experiences and evolve. Just don’t get too loose with your standards! Nobody likes a slacker!