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Night Out

Fashion Expert & Stylist Michelle Navaro offers her top tips for looking your best for an elegant evening out on the town.

1. Face Forward: Your skin must look radiant. Both women and men should do their daily regimen of cleanser and toner. Add a mask to tighten pores and moisturize for a fresh look.




2. Lighten Up: Hygiene is always important. For that special evening, add a teeth-whitening strip to your routine for a bright, attractive and welcoming smile.




3. Get Clipped: Both men and women should ensure their nails are maintained and manicured at all times. After all, the person across from you might notice as you make a toast!




4. Fresh Scent: Choose your scent wisely. You want to go for an attractive smell but you don’t want to overdo it. Just wear enough to catch your date’s attention as you pass them




5. Ladies First: Women should go for something flirty yet elegant. The little black dress is always an option; but you can also go with a nice pant or skirt and contemporary top.




6. Gent Tips: Guys shouldn’t just stop at the dressy jeans or trousers with a button-down shirt. Add a pop of color and flare with a bowtie, hat or blazer.




7. Top Off: Hair must be kept clean and under control. Make sure to create a soft look, keeping the hair from falling on your eyes or face. Add a gel or spray to maintain your style.




8. Color Factor: Your make-up can be nude with a bold lip, a smokey eye with a nude lip, or bright eyes with a light lip color. Just keep it elegant.





9. Stepping Out: Finding the right shoe can be tricky. Make sure footware is comfortable yet dressy. Ladies, be sure you can walk and withstand the heels before committing.




10. Finishing Touch: Accessorize and show your personality. Complete the outfit by adding chandelier earrings, a necklace, a statement ring or wrist jewelry. The perfect clutch is also a must!




Michelle Navaro is a Miami native who is a Stylist, Hair & Makeup Artist with a lifelong passion for all things art, beauty & fashion. For tips or to schedule a consultation, contact her at 305.934.6833 or [email protected].