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New Heights

Soaring 43 stories above the skyline, Brickell City Centre’s two residential towers, Reach & Rise, deliver meticulously crafted styling for an extraordinary lifestyle.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 30, 2019 | Design & Real Estate

As Sr. Marketing Manager for Residential Swire Properties, Kayla Barrera is a key part of the growing evolution of Miami. “This is a very exciting time for me as I grew up admiring this company and watching them transform Brickell into what it is today,” she says. “One of my most unforgettable moments was when Brickell City Centre topped off and we had the Buddhist monks come bless our site. We were atop the East, Miami Hotel and I just knew this is where I wanted to be. It felt right.” She is currently taking residential marketing to the next level, expanding to different markets and developing strategic partnerships with like-minded brands, such as Miami City Ballet, which allows them to reach out to new clients and provide current residents a true experience of living in the most vibrant part of Miami;