My Home, My Museum

Whether you have a collection of a few key pieces or hundreds of masterpieces ready to adorn your walls, always remember that art is always open for interpretation and there’s no wrong way to present your favorite pieces to the world.
Words by Jorge Arauz | FEATURED ART COLLECTION CURATED BY Casa Feliz Miami | November 26, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hang Here, Not There

If you have a few pieces you’re absolutely in love with, you’ll naturally want to display them in a place with tons of foot traffic. Just like real estate, where you decide to showcase your art is all about location! location! location! For the most part, you’ll want to hang singlular works of art at eye level. If you’re hanging art above furniture, it should sit one fist width apart; hanging up too high or too low is never a good look. Pro Tip: Use painter’s tape to mark up a few placement options before formally committing to a specific spot.

Dress It Up

The right frame, complementary accessories and backdrops…there are so many ways to make the art in your home pop. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and layer paintings on top of patterned wallpaper, mixing in natural elements and strategically placed lighting considerations to complete the effect. Sometimes letting go of the tried and true (and tired!) “rules” can yield some unexpected yet welcomed surprises.

Create Moments

Why not put all of your favorite things together to yield a singular “WOW” moment in your home? Have a vintage couch, colorful throw pillows, hanging plants and an eccentric collection that needs a little oomph? Bring it all together with a painting that anchors all the colors, vibes and textures in a purposeful way that is at once unexpected, impactful and unabashedly you.

Tell A Story

Some of the best art collections have little moments of themed brilliance. Whether you have several works by the same artist, similar frames, sizes, color palettes or a treasure trove of commissioned works, subtly meshing them in a corner or unexpected space will get them the attention they deserve. Don’t be afraid to experiment with genres, mediums, hues, subject matter and spaces. You’ll be surprised how quickly you develop a “knack” for knowing which pieces go together and which are best left solo.

Anything Goes

If you can’t make up your mind on which works to hang up, which ones to store and which ones to get rid of all together — keep them all! Sometimes the best thing about collecting art is that you can let your creativity run wild. With a “gallery” style display, you don’t have to worry about symmetry, matching frames or color schemes — it’s literally anything goes. Be bold. Be different. Mix and match. Allow your display to become a work of art onto itself and you’ll never look at art the same way again!