Modern Man

“Business casual” allows employees to bring their own sense of easy sophistication to the office. The new Summer Collection for men from 120% Lino allows them to do it in a well-groomed, fashionable way.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 18, 2018 | Fashion

Looking for comfortable yet composed style for business commitments in the city? The 120% Lino Summer Collection features must-have linen gabardines jeans and pants that match perfectly with their new linen shirts. The jackets feature resonated linen on the inside and a vanisé knitted fabric of linen and cotton. Their retro-inspired Baby Blue, Air Force Blue and Stardust Blue colors offer a fresh take on vintage taste. They come in solids, prints, micro-lines or small white & blue tie designs. The shades combine flawlessly with white, grey or natural colors to create the “cool” look one associates with 120% Lino. Available shirts, pants, jackets and for when you’re ready to get out of the office, there’s jogging Bermuda shorts and hooded jackets;