Metropolis Marvels

The proverbial light at the end of the long tunnel that was 2020 is finally beginning to shine through the fog — and Miami residents and visitors alike are letting optimism take over and the sunshine guide the way.
Words by Jorge Arauz | January 30, 2021 | People

Realtor Aixa Ramos of @Aixa.Realtor took this pic of the Miami skyline to inspire her clients to have a plan, set goals and dream big.
It’s a girl for proud parents-to-be Evelyn Raso and Cenk Fikri!
Daniela Urdaneta lets her followers know “the world is theirs” with a power pose in front of the perfect backdrop.
Heath Gustafson & Mahlet Yared of @JustOneGursha spread good vibes around town on a beautiful day.
Mocha Antao sports a stylish doggie scarf and awaits a delicious treat while promenading along the bay.
Frenchie Louis Baquiran is looking sharp with a vest and bowtie on a leisurely stroll with his human Janelle Baquiran.

Starting off 2021 in style, @Miami hosted an outdoor soiree at a private Coconut Grove estate to celebrate female empowerment. Local female entrepreneurs, professionals and pioneers came together to enjoy a 5-course dinner with wine pairings prepared by Chef Adriana Egozcue and tarot card readings by Allegra Preuss.

Allison Freidin & Lauren Miller
Alexa Nuñez, Vanessa Bryan & Heather Fant
Aryan Rashed gets her tarots read by Allegra Preuss
7. Grace Aguado & Monica Pardo
11. Kara Lundgren, Estrellita S. Sibila & Jade Reichling
Kenneth Alfonso gets some cardio in on a bike ride near Brickell City Centre.
Juliana Campino of @Jump_Camp_Juli is providing a new way to get in shape for the busy woman through jump rope and mindset motivation.
Mariaclaudia Reyes never tires of the expansive balcony vistas, endless energy and abundant perks of life in Miami.
Yoberly “Lily” Zambrano & Daniel Sámano take every opportunity to explore the city day and night.