Linen Living

South Florida weather is the perfect environment to experience all the qualities of linen. There is no other fabric as perfect as linen to face the humidity of our summer and to offer the right warmth for our winter.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 29, 2019 | Fashion

Linen is one of the oldest and rarest natural fibers. It is noble, versatile, long-lasting, sustainable and keeps the body at a constant temperature. Italian luxury fashion brand 120% LINO has specialized in linen for the past 35+ years to earn a place as a top key player in the “natural luxury” world. The brand is famous for its designs that enhance real Italian elegance which is simultaneously classic yet avant-garde. It is in the fine details that they stand out: in the natural colors, in the flamboyant nuances and in the stitching. The garment dyeing is a point of pride for the brand; a unique technique makes the garments extremely soft and generates the wide selection of colors and shades which is a distinctive feature for a luxury that is perceived but never flaunted. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 collection varies from classic white to vibrant nuances of blue, aqua, acacia and magenta. It includes soft faded tones like watercolor soft print as well as two variations of floral print: a nice feeling of a walk into a delicate Japanese blooming garden or a promenade into an intense tropical, lavish nature. Ultra-thin stripes for a more urban look complete the scenario. Suggestive flashes illuminate this collection with laminating spray-on jersey. Think long dresses with embellished necklines or silk details ideal for cocktails and charming atmospheres; kimono jackets and palazzo trousers for relaxed yet classy moods; and skinny-fit jackets for business attire or to wear at chic, urban happy hours. New vibes are in the air for you to be natural, elegant and comfortable in any occasion and season;