Leap Of Faith

Letting go of the city of her birth, Miami City Ballet superstar Patricia Delgado sets her sights on a new chapter in her career.
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos by Daniel Azoulay & Alexandre Dufaur | May 10, 2018 | People

From first catching the ballet bug at the tender age of 4, to celebrating her 16th and final season with Miami City Ballet, Ballerina Patricia Delgado has lived a life firmly pivoted around the state of classical dance in The Magic City, finessing a pre-adolescent interest into a vital vocation that has come to define the company she’s a part of. Now embarking on a new stage in her career, will Delgado be able to easily depart her hometown? “I cry almost everyday,” she admits, confirming that she will shortly be leaving for a schedule centered around New York City. An enduring inspiration to Miami-based artists everywhere, Delgado’s dynamic dance career is proof that one need not leave the county bounds to be at the pinnacle of their creative field;