Latino Visionaries 2021

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we introduce you to a few of Miami’s most dynamic Latino leaders who are breaking the mold and making the city thrive
Words by Jorge Arauz | September 26, 2021 | People

Sebastian Garcia

Creative, passionate and driven, Sebastian Garcia of leading menswear brands Sartori Amici, My Grooms Room and The Lapel Project is fueled by the genuine relationship he creates with his clients. “We are much more than a fashion brand — we are a lifestyle,” he says. “Being acknowledged is not about being loud, it’s about feeling confident in yourself and exuding it through your genuine presence…authenticity goes a long way.” A Cuban-American Miami native, he is proud of his roots. “We Latinos are natural dreamers and doers who have faith and fight for what we want,” he says. “We live and die for our families and we have hearts that have endured and yielded deeper depths of love that other cultures may never get to experience.” When it comes to advice for the next gen, he’s full of wisdom. “Trust the process and define your own success, not someone else’s,” he says. “Always strive to fulfill your soul, not your ego!”;;; — Photo by Josue Acosta

Carla Oliva

Growing up in Miami, Colombian-American serial entrepreneur Carla Oliva had inspiration at every turn. “My family encouraged me to seize every opportunity to the fullest in order to accomplish the American Dream,” she says. “Being raised in the land of opportunity as a bilingual Latina, I’ve always had the best of all worlds — when I was younger, I remember going home to dance salsa and merengue and listen to all the stories from my mom and grandmother that kept me inspired, grateful and humble.” Today, as the CEO of The Dash Bar, one of Brickell’s most popular beauty and aesthetics salon spas, she’s making a positive impact on the lives of modern women by giving them a world-class luxe experience like none other. “We strive to be an ethical company that provides a safe and healthy environment by using non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan and ethically sourced products,” she says. “We are constantly looking for new ways to partner with other women-owned businesses in our community so we can all grow and flourish together.”; — Photo by Nick Garcia

Myriam Ayala Frederick 

With a portfolio of award-winning Ayala Royal Ballet locations around Miami, including the new flagship at Mary Brickell Village, Myriam Ayala Frederick is on a mission to teach her students the wonders of the art form she has been practicing professionally for more than 15 years. “I use my classical ballet credentials to teach and influence my little ballerinas, teens and adults while also focusing on building character, self-esteem, commitment, respect, discipline and awakening the passion and talent within each of us,” she says. Being Latina is the central axis of her life, achievements, drive and overall outlook. “My culture has allowed me to have a strong character to fight for my ideals while overcoming adversity and seeing the greatness in all people,” she says. “Once you start on any journey, you should never give up on your quest for happiness — no matter how big the challenge, you can do it, and you are good enough to succeed.”; — Photo by Josue Acosta

Rolando Vazquez, Esq.

When his father was deported to Mexico in 2013, Rolando Vazquez made a vow to get his law degree and make sure he did everything in his power to ensure that other families never had to endure the pain and heartache he experienced. Today, he is one of Miami’s top immigration attorneys with a roster of clients from all over the world, ranging from families and entrepreneurs to actors, athletes, master chefs and everyone in between. “When my father was deported, it took a huge toll on my family,” he says. “For my clients, I focus my practice on being the attorney that my dad didn’t have.” He says his background showed him the importance of humility and valor. “With my current understanding and experience in life, I realize that these two virtues are constant throughout Latino culture and they have been fundamental to my prosperity in life and as a professional,” he says. “Our resilience defines us.”; — Photo by Alberto Tamargo

Olga Argüello

Raised by immigrant parents of Cuban and Nicaraguan descent who left everything behind and arrived in the U.S. to start from scratch, Olga Argüello does not take her success lightly. “The high bar they set motivated me in my studies and provided me with the understanding that if you work hard, you can achieve anything,” she says. After a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Federal Government at the White House and the U.S. Departments of Defense, Education and Labor, as well as a stint as Senior Consultant for IBM Global Business Service where she supported clients at the U.S. Departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security, she launched Ellos Global, a leading management consulting firm serving private sector firms, non-profits, and federal, state and local governments. “We provide organizations with customized business strategies, solutions and results, ensuring they have a clearly defined mission and core values,” she says. “Being honest, respectful, and hardworking pays off and reflects your character. The world is a revolving door, and everyone’s paths always eventually cross again at one point or another.”; — Photo by Josue Acosta