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Joyride Jams

The 6-man team behind indie-rock project War On Drugs play over a dozen instruments between them, creating a multilayered sound that will stop at nothing to get your feet moving and your heart racing.
Text by Rony Mo | May 26, 2018 | Culture & Art

Sonically, they’re a hybrid of ‘80s-era Dire Straits meets early-career Arcade Fire, merging rhythms that drive so fast you’ll have to exhale when each song comes to a complete stop. Two EPs and a trio of albums in, WOD is still performing with white-knuckle intensity without diluting the quality of their music. Expect keyboards, guitars and drums to surge past each other while harmonicas, saxophones and an organ sporadically join in the fray. Since January, they’ve been touring non-stop starting with an appearance on The Tonight Show, a revving-up of the crowd at Coachella 2015 and plans to open the first day of Lollapalooza later this year. Catch their live set on June 16 at The Fillmore Miami Beach; 1700 Washington Ave.;