Jackson Heart

Jackson Memorial Hospital is not only the safety net hospital for Miami-Dade County, but it’s expanded to become the most comprehensive healthcare system in the region, caring for patients before, during and after they get sick.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 23, 2022 | Lifestyle

Just a few years ago, Jackson Heart Institute had only cardiac surgeons on staff — now, it has 16 surgeons and an ever-growing support team that specializes in cardiac care. That team includes experts in cardiovascular disease, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery. As part of the Jackson network, they can also turn to experts in other medical fields to craft the right treatment for each patient. The result is a system that offers a full range of cardiac services for children, adults and the elderly. It can handle everything from basic monitoring of patients with warning signs to minimally-invasive procedures, all the way to valve replacements and full heart transplants. Dr. Romualdo Segurola, the chief of cardiac surgery for Jackson Health System and medical director for Jackson Heart Institute, says that combination makes Jackson the most comprehensive cardiac program in the region. “There’s many heart programs and there’s many talented heart surgeons, but what makes us unique here at Jackson is the resources that we have,” he says. “There’s not a technique, there’s not a machine, there’s not a study that we’re not involved in, so we’re always at the cutting-edge.”;