Inner Power

Following up on the success of her two meditation albums in Spanish, popular Holistic Life Coach, Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, Motivator & Meditation Leader Lorena Coyle has released her first English album: EON Meditations For The Soul.
Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos By Samantha Villavicencio | May 10, 2018 | People

When it comes to her work, Lorena Coyle crates albums that are completely unscripted. “They come from my heart,” she says. “I close my eyes and start talking.” Her inspiration comes from wanting to help others discover their personal healing powers and guide them to become their own “guru.” When it comes to EON Meditations For The Soul, her meditations are done in relaxing theta waves that release stress and awaken each person’s inner self for a journey to a place of love and compassion. The last meditation is designed to lead to deep sleep, where the mind and body take a break and wake up energized the following morning, ready for new challenges. She is also finishing her first book, to be released mid-2017. In it she shares her personal experience in achieving balance and living a spiritual life in an earthly world in an original and practical manner. “I believe the answer is not found in the mind, but in the heart, within the inner voice where intuition lies,” she says;