Inner Artist

When was the last time you allowed your artistic side to run free? You’re probably already more creative than you know — business plans, spreadsheets, technical writing — now it’s time to take your big brain one step further.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. Step One: Sit down, shut up and let your mind wander. It’s going to feel really weird at first, but hang in there. You’ll be surprised where your thoughts land!

2. Get Uncomfortable: Abandon your current creative projects (10 million “artistic” phone camera photos?!) and try something new. It can be as simple as picking up pencil and paper to draw.

3. Walk: The average person sits 7 or more hours each day. This isn’t good for your health, your mood and definitely doesn’t do anything for creativity. Go for a walk!

4. The Mood: Steve Jobs used music to set his mood and keep him creative. And no one who’s owned an iPhone can argue that his technique didn’t work.

5. Bad Idea Trick: Think of the most useless things you can imagine and make a list of them. It’s reverse psychology that will usually generate some excellent ideas in turn!

6. Favorite Things: Love and creativity are intertwined. Choosing a hobby or project that you love will have the added bonus of reducing stress.

7. Daydream: Don’t just “sit down/shut up” occasionally, teach yourself to daydream while you’re riding in the car, waiting in the dentist’s lobby…nothing happens without visualizing it first.

8. Involve Others: Collaboration allows you to learn from others and may be exactly what you need to give your own creativity a fresh spark.

9. Cultivate Spontaneity: Go for it. Don’t worry what people think. The whole idea of having an inner artist is to have someone who is true to you.

10.Intuition: All of the above should stimulate your intuition as well as your inner artist. When it does, listen to the little voice inside you.