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High-Voltage Heroes

Singer/Guitarist Gabriel Alcala, Bassist Danny Gonzales and Drummer Diego Monasterios are native sons earning worldwide acclaim as rock trio Jacuzzi Boys, thanks largely to live performances that are half shock, half awe.
Text by Rony Mo Photos: Group by Zach Ramsey Solos by Rob Cousteau | May 29, 2018 | Culture & Art

Local fans of the J-Boys are accustomed to high-energy gigs at Churchill’s Pub and Blackbird Ordinary that look like a giant dance mob to the uninitiated. Their songs are like the crash of the ‘70s Punk Movement t-boning the melodious Beatlemania of the ‘60s, all rolled in modern lyrical themes. The mishmash produces lo-fi hums, snappy beats and echoing vocals that create a frenzied partyscape from which few escape. In 2013, they put jumper cables to ears during a 23-city tour of Europe, then charged right into a domestic one in 2014, including stops at Big Guava and SXSW Music Festivals. Eventually, Metric, Wavves & Vampire Weekend took note of their speedy rhythms and invited the band to open their respective shows. If you haven’t already, check them out — you’ll never listen to music the same again;