Here Boy!

Remember Rags, the funny little cyber-mutt from Woody Allen’s Sleeper who left little battery droppings all over the place? Meet his real-life streamlined cyber canine cousin, Spot. Consider him the pet you’ve never had but could if you can shell out the gnarly “adoption” fee.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

Live in a no pets building? We have the non-furry companion for you — the sophisticated new ‘bot Spot. Built by top robotics firm Boston Dynamics it looks like an artist’s minimalist sculpture, a futuristic abstraction of a pooch. This four-legged wonder is fully programmable, with a top speed of 3 mph, a runtime of 90 minutes per charge of its swapable battery, and is agile enough to handle a wide variety of terrain, including stairs. It makes a fun, and conversation-starting jogging companion. As it was originally designed for industrial use, Spot is a workhorse that can handle loads up to 30 pounds. While 360-degree cameras and sensors let it neatly avoid obstacles, IP54 certification means it’s protected against dust and rain. He’s even functioned as a Service Dog, helping triage patients and delivering food and medicine from afar. All this awesomeness doesn’t come cheap, but for $74,500, you get the added elan of knowing that several of your e-pet’s siblings work at Space X;