Happy Anniversary

Wonder how watchmakers commemorate those big events? In the case of these brands, it’s with a pair of seriously gorgeous timepieces.
Text by Jacquelyn Benson | June 10, 2018 | Luxury

Ultimate Traveler
Swiss watch brand Tissot is one of the grand dames of the industry, with 160 years in the business under their belt. And to celebrate, they’re creating a modern update of one of their best-loved pieces, first created for their centenary in 1953. The new Tissot Heritage Navigator is designed to be the ultimate traveler’s watch, melding vintage style with modern perks like automatic chronometer precision and a multiple time zone system designed for today’s traveling businessperson;

Fast Mover
Rolex’s Daytona chronograph is one of the brand’s best-loved pieces and this year marks its 50th Anniversary. To celebrate, they’ve incorporated a few smart updates. The current Cosmograph Daytona is a contemporary take on the classic look with a 40mm platinum case, ice-blue dial and chestnut-brown ceramic bezel. But besides its slick look, this piece’s coolest feature is its built-in tachymetric scale, making it capable of measuring speeds up to 400 mph;