Going Primitive

Chef Gaston Javier Sanchez thinks the secret to good health lies in humanity’s past — and his culinary philosophy ensures that we abide by the optimum diets of our ancient ancestors.
Text by Jacquelyn Benson | June 23, 2018 | People

Chef Gaston Javier Sanchez is a man with a mission: to help provide busy families with delicious meals that support a healthy lifestyle. Through The Paleo King, Sanchez’s personal chef and catering series, he offers meal plans and delivered-to-your-door cantinas that are made in line with the principles of the “paleo” hunter-gatherer diet. It’s a food philosophy that harkens back to the way our ancient ancestors ate. “Humans didn’t have access to the processed foods or the caloric intake of the modern person back then,” he says.
Paleo meals are free of hormones, steroids and preservatives, and emphasize lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seafood. “It’s more than just a way of eating,” he says. “It’s a lifestyle. All the paleo-friendly dishes I’ve created came from extensive research of the optimal foods needed for a healthy life.”
Chef Sanchez’s passion for the kitchen started with learning Cuban basics from his grandmother as a child. From there, he went on to a culinary education at Johnson & Wales, eventually working in a few of Miami’s most prestigious establishments, some of which are still using the menus he created for them.
When he isn’t hard at work in the kitchen, Chef Sanchez enjoys spending time with his wife, Elizabeth, with whom he hopes to start a family soon. “We’re working on it,” he laughs. He’s also looking forward to expanding his business. “I want to succeed in a way where I can provide healthy meals to people all over South Florida,” he says. “As the need for non-processed foods grows, so will my desire to provide the best-quality food possible.”
It would be yet another challenge for a man who makes a point of continually seeking them out. “I try to accomplish goals on a daily basis,” he says. “Once you stop trying to achieve more than you think possible, you start to become stagnant.” But that doesn’t mean this particular chef isn’t immune to the pressure. “Most people don’t realize that I get nervous right before any event or job that I do,” he says. “I keep myself very organized and this helps yield the level of perfection my clients and I demand!”
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