GOAL Time!

A watch should do more than simply keep time, but it must do that well. The very venerable Swiss firm of Tissot shows us how it is done with the latest version of their Quickster Football Watch.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | August 27, 2019 | Luxury

Charles-Feliciean Tissot began making pocketwatches in 1853 when he emigrated to Switzerland from his native Russia. Over the ensuing years, Tissot Watches  has become the world’s largest producer and distributor of timepieces, merging with Omega in 1930 and later acquired by Swatch. Tissots are widely used as the official timekeepers for the sports world from tennis to motorcycle races, thus it is no surprise the latest model, the Quickster Football (a.k.a.“soccer”) chronograph celebrates the 2019 World Cup. The hefty 42 mm stainless steel casing protects the ETA Caliber movement while a silicone strap keeps it in place whether you are running the ball down the pitch, surfing in Hawaii or stuck in rush hour traffic. Color options range from a “Wow That Is Bright” yellow and green model to a subdued black and red model for the less vivacious among us. All are superbly capable of keeping time and expressing individuality;