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Fitness Factory

Planning on packing on those holiday pounds? Unleash a pre-emptive strike on your “Winter 10” (or 15, or 20) at The Sports Club LA-Miami. The Magic City’s own edition of this world-renowned fitness franchise contains almost 50,000 square feet of butt-busting equipment, including a wide variety of personalized services and over 100 different exercise and mind-body classes every week; 305.533.1199;

Salsa Spectacle
We all know running burns through calories like a Hummer through premium gas — but how much fun is running, really? Now salsa dancing — that’s a good time. It also burns over 400 calories per hour. That’s more than rowing, swimming laps or weight training. You’ve got two left feet, you say? No problem. The expert instructors over at Arthur Murray Dance Studio will be happy to set you straight; 305.372.1170,

Appetite Control
They’re inevitable and they happen every year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years. So, how can we prevent those 5-10 pounds from accumulating around our midsection? Here are a few simple tips to prevent you from overindulging in holiday cheer.
1.) Pre-Party Snacking: Control appetite by having a balanced snack containing protein, carbohydrates and fat. This will prevent you from raiding the buffet table or chasing the waitstaff around the room for hors d’oeuvres.
2.) Make That A Double: Vegetable order, that is! Fill your plate with dark, colorful vegetables. They are low in calories, high in fiber and packed with phytonutrients. Cover half your place with produce to prevent overeating.
3.) Practice Mindful Eating: See, smell, taste and then chew, chew, chew! Take small bites and savor each one. It takes 20 minutes for the signal to reach your brain telling your body that it’s satiated.
4.) Fruitful Desserts: Fabulous fresh fruits make great desserts. Add a little Greek yogurt and some raw honey or make your own whipped cream or bake apples with raisins, cinnamon and nuts.
5.) Skip the Fried Food: Go for heart-healthy fish or lean proteins like chicken or white turkey meat. Bake, broil, grill or poach. Staying healthy and balanced during the holiday season can be easy!

Larisa Alonso, MS, LN/D, CNS has a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from Cornell and a Master’s in Nutrition & immunology from the University of Texas-School of Public Health in Houston. She’s currently a Nutritionist at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach; 800.742.9000,

Fitness Antics
Got a desk job? Join the club…by which we mean the gym. Or you could just pick up a few of these ridiculous office gadgets and fool yourself into thinking that you’re actually getting a workout.

Teeny Peddler
This mini exercise bike is small enough to fit under your desk, which means your co-workers would have no idea you were pedaling away — except that you’re lurching and panting all over your keyboard; $69.95,




Spherical Fun
Want to repeatedly fall over backwards on your chair, to the vast amusement of everyone else in your office? Then get yourself one of these cool exercise ball desk chairs. They even include built-in resistance bands; $120,




Chairless Wonder
It’s a desk! It’s a treadmill! It’s a deskmill! Or rather, a WalkStation, according to makers Steelcase. Rest assured your perpetually sweaty boss has probably already gone out and ordered one to make himself even more sweaty; $4,199,