Film Legacy

Ansel Adams immortalized the West with a Hasselblad camera. Buzz Aldrin Photographed the moon with his. Gered Mankowitz captured some of the most iconic rock images in history. Now it’s your turn.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | November 28, 2021 | Luxury

Join the ranks of Diane Arbus, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindburgh, Cecil Beaton and the world’s most famous photographers with a shutter click of the Hasselblad 907x 80th Anniversary Edition. Comprised of a CFV II 50C digital back, 907X camera body, control grip, optical viewfinder, and XCD 3.5/30 lens, this edition is limited to just 800 kits and commemorates a whopping 80 years since the launch of Hasselblad’s first camera, the HK-7, in 1941. The 907X also reinvigorates the company’s heritage with state-of-the-art flourishes. In addition to live view and autofocus, the camera body is fully compatible with HC/HCD, V and XPan Lens Adapters, enriching image capture possibilities with the CFV II 50C touch and tilt rear display that enables effortless waist-level shooting. This digital back also blends seamlessly with the film camera-style body for the perfect marriage of analogue and digital technologies. Get ready for your close-up;